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uncontaminated sea and nature

Golfo Aranci is a  municipality of  province of Sassari, in the subregion of  Gallura. It appears territorially like a strip of land in the middle of the sea. The most extreme part is the promontory of Capo Figari.
The toponym Golfo Aranci derives from the Italianization of  Gallura  Golfu di li Ranci, or the Gulf of Crabs.


The territory of Golfo Aranci appears as a natural port of call, which has determined its maritime and commercial vocation. The islet of Figarolo was also frequented since the Phoenician-Punic and Roman times; to support this there is a series of archaeological evidence.

The first inhabitants of today's Golfo Aranci were shepherds who expanded their pastures in the Golfarancina strip of land and arrived in Golfo Aranci during the  Nineteenth century. Over the years the sea of Golfo Aranci, particularly rich in fish, was an attraction for fishermen from all over the  Tyrrhenian Sea  arriving to a real colonization by the fishermen of the island of Ponza, the ponzesi. It is no coincidence that June 20, the feast of  San Silverio  patron saint of Ponza, the Golfoarancini remember the exodus of the

Ponza fishermen with the characteristic mass and procession in the gulf aboard fishing boats.

As a consequence of the construction of the merchant port and the landing by the  Ferrovie dello Stato, Golfo Aranci hosted new families from the rest of Italy who found work and development opportunities with state ships, settling and contributing to the mix of ethnic groups.  In fact, the lexicon and terminology of the golfarancina speech contains terms and cadences typical of the different regions of origin of the villagers.

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