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refinement and romantic sobriety

Elegant and sumptuous location, Porto Rotondo (Poltu Rutundu in Gallurese and Poltu Ridundu in Sardinian) is a fraction of the municipality of Olbia and one of the most renowned tourist realities in Sardinia.

Since the seventies it has been a meeting place for celebrities and wealthy entrepreneurs. It is unthinkable not to take an evening stroll among yachts and boutiques, enjoy a good glass of wine in Piazza San Marco or not to visit the splendid church of San Lorenzo, a work of art created by the well-known sculptor Andrea Casella.


The well-known Yacht Club Porto Rotondo also resides in Porto Rotondo, born in 1985 by the will of the Venetian brothers Nicolò and Luigi Donà delle Rose who in the previous decades had literally invented Porto Rotondo itself. In 1987 the Porto Rotondo Yacht Club was incorporated into the Costa Smeralda Yacht Club, chaired by the Aga Khan. Over the years, the YCPR has become one of the most important in Italy. Every end of August the Big game is held in Porto Rotondo, a deep sea fishing sporting event that is considered one of the most important in the Mediterranean.


Porto Rotondo is also a meeting place for young people who can live the evening life of the Fashion Country Club or of the more rebellious Blu Beach at the Marinella beach where crazy aperitifs are organized on the beach every evening.

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